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About us

Customer care and commitment are a natural part of our everyday lives

Om Os

From the start in 1994 to today, we have transformed the company from a single-man company to an A/S with specially trained technicians in fiber optics, telephony, cable thermography and several other fields, all with a solid background as electricians.

Today we have a fleet of cars and a lot of test equipment and advanced tools we didn’t think were possible in 1994.

TJ Transmission A/S has an office in Frederiksberg, from where we service our customers from both Denmark and throughout Europe. In 2004, we purchased a property at Rødovrevej, where today there is a workshop and meeting room for meetings and training.

Since the beginning, we have moved into more and more areas, so today we carry out all kinds of electrical installations, lighting tasks, network cables, fiber installations, thermography, building optimization and lighting systems, so you can imagine that our tasks range widely.

With so many technical heavy tasks it is a requirement that our technicians are always updated with knowledge within their specialty, why they participate in teaching at home and abroad

We have also been able to follow the incredible growth we have experienced with a number of customers and business partners we have worked with from the first day.

We take it as an acknowledgment that what we do, we do well.

We really have to say that TJ Transmission A/S has only been able to grow to our present size because of the cooperation with our many loyal customers and business partners.


Yours sincerely
Troels Poul Jørgensen, owner of the company

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